Fauna Photo Gallery

Ruby Range provides a good habitat to many species of wild animals and birds. In the Talbot Arm area it is common occurrence to spot the following: moose, caribous, Dall sheep, deer, grizzly bears, black bears, coyotes, wolves, porcupines, eagles, hawks, swans, geese, loons, owls, etc.

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Sheep Moose Caribou Caribou Coyote
Bats Grizzly Grizzly Eagle Eagle
Grizzly Swans White Geese Sandpiper Seagulls
Loons Bear Hawk Black Bear Lynx
Deer Ground Hog Wolf Grizzly track Squirrel
Dall Sheep Dall Sheep Moose Spruce Grouse Caribou
Caribou Caribou Sandpiper Barrow's Goldeneye A quacking we will go!
Beaver Beaver Porcupine Marten Chip Munk
Hare Black Bear Raven Eagle
Sparrow Jay Duck and ducklings Jaeger Ruffed Grouse
Sparrow Bald Eagle Robin Geese Wabler